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Friday, September 18, 2015

Now Booking Fall Sessions!

It's time!
I'm now booking fall sessions!

Here are the details:

Mini Session: $150

Mini sessions last 20 minutes long, and include up to 5 people. These sessions are done at one location and include 15 high resolution, edited photographs on a CD.

Regular Session: $250

Regular sessions last 1 hour long, and include up to 5 people. These sessions are done at 1-2 locations, with as many outfit changes (optional) if time allows, and include 25 high resolution, edited photographs on a CD.

Email me at to reserve your fall session


Fine Print: 

A retainer of 50% of the session fee is due at the time of booking to secure your date/time. The Retainer is non refundable, however, may be used for another session within 2 months if cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the session.
Black and White images will be edited at the discretion of the photographer
Sessions Include: 1 CD containing edited photographs from your session, extra/replacement CD's are $20 each
Printing release form to print images
No charge for travel time within 30 minutes of zip code: 85206, Additional charges will apply for locations more than 30 minutes outside of zip code: 85206

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mini Senior Session Giveaway!

Hey friends!

I'm kicking off 2015 with a Mini Senior Session Giveaway!

Are you a high school senior graduating this May? Or do you know a high school senior who is graduating this May?

If so, enter to win on my Instagram account! (Marci Anne Photo)
Anyone can enter! But only a high school senior can win, so make sure you know who you'll give the session away to if you aren't a senior!

Winner must be a high school senior graduating in May of 2015.
Winner must be willing to travel to the photo location in the surrounding Mesa, AZ area.
To enter, go to my instagram account, find the post with this picture above, and follow the directions on the post!

Giveaway ends on Monday February 2 at 6 pm, and the winner will be randomly chosen, and announced at 7 pm Arizona time on my instagram account!

The senior session will be held on Saturday February 7th!
Hair and makeup will be at 12:30 pm, and the photo shoot will start at 3

The Mini Senior session includes hair and  make up styling for 1 fantastic senior, (approx 1 hour and 30 minutes), and 30 minutes of photo session time. This session will be done at 1 location, with 2 outfit changes. You will receive 10 high resolution, edited photographs on a CD. 

 Good luck!

xo, marci anne 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Everett Grey's birth story

October 14: 36 week check; 0 cm dilated

October 21: 37 week check; 1 cm dilated, cervix is thick, -2 station

October 28: 38 week check; 1 cm dilated,  25% effaced, -2 station

Tuesday November 4:
At my 39 week check I was 2.5 cm dilated,  and 50% effaced. Baby is still at a -2 station. 
My dr stripped my membranes a few times. That afternoon/evening the contractions started. They were strong, lasting about 30-60 seconds, and consistently 7-8 minutes apart. I hadn't had contractions this strong yet, so I was pretty excited that something was happening!

I had a repeat c-section scheduled for next Monday, just as a back up, but today my doctor cancelled the c-section and scheduled me for an induction next Monday because I now meet the criteria for an induction! I seriously did a happy dance and wanted to cry! I had an emergency c-section with Brig (Brig's birth story *here*) that was one of the scariest moments in my life. Needless to say, I was NOT looking forward to another c-section, especially when I progressed and my body did things the way it was supposed to. But I also knew I didn't want to risk the health of this little boy, and would gladly take another c-section if it was in his best interest.

My doctor told me there was a 50% chance that I would go into labor on my own before next Monday.

Wednesday November 5: I contracted pretty strong all day long, with the contractions about 7 minutes apart

Thursday November 6: I was able to sleep all night, which I wasn't able to do the last 2 nights because of the contractions. When I woke up, I was contacting about once every 30 minutes :/
I knew my time was running out to do this on my own, so I started doing Clary Sage oil from doTerra on my lower abdomen and the bottom of my feet to help get things moving again.

Friday November 7: Contractions were the same as yesterday, once every 30 minutes. Not quite as  strong like they were on Tuesday and Wednesday. I continued doing Clary Sage Oil often, on my lower abdomen and the bottom of my feet.

Saturday November 8: Same as the last 2 days. Contractions every 30 minutes, and I was still using Clary Sage oil often.

Sunday November 9: Today is my due date! I woke up at 3 am, contracting pretty strong, and about 10 minutes apart. I wasn't able to go back to sleep after 3, the contractions started getting more intense. When my boys woke up around 8, I mentioned to my husband that I think we should get our last minute hospital stuff packed in our bags just in case the contractions started getting more frequent and stronger. I hopped in the shower, and did my hair and makeup in between contractions. I called my mom and told her that the contractions were getting more frequent, about 6-7 minutes apart by 8 am.
We packed up Brigs bag for his sleep over at grandmas house. Around 11 am my mom came over, because I knew it was time to go in to the hospital to get checked. I was contracting every 5-7 minutes and they kept getting stronger and harder to breathe through.

We got to the hospital around noon. I was still contracting every 5-7 minutes on the ride over, and while we were getting checked in.
I was 4 cm and 75% effaced. I was so nervous when we got to triage, with how my last delivery went. By the time they put me on the monitor my contractions stopped. So they had me walk around from 12:30-2 which really got the contractions going again.
At 2:10 pm they checked me and I was 4.5 cm and 100% effaced, and he was starting to move down.
They called the doctor and decided to admit me! I got my IV around 2:20, and moved over into a labor room by 2:40.

The doctor arrived at 3 pm to check me and break my water. I was dilated to 5 cm!

The anesthesiologist came into the room right away and talked about getting an epidural, which I originally didn't want. But by this time, my contractions were every 4-5 minutes apart and I was starting to have really bad pains in my lower back, because the baby was posterior.

So I got the epidural. With my history of having an emergency c-section last time, I knew that it was always a possibility that I would have to have another c-section. If It was another emergency c-section, and I didn't have an epidural in place, I knew the only option would be to have a general, and I would be asleep during the delivery. I did not want to miss seeing my baby right away, so I knew the epidural was the safest and best option.

Once I got the epidural and got comfortable (which took a while with the back labor I was having) my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart. Thankfully I was able to relax, and breath and not feel a thing!

At 4:40 pm the baby started having decels, so I was checked again, and I was complete! They called the doctor to come in, who wanted me to start pushing. I originally wanted to let him labor down on his own, but with the decels he was having they wanted him out sooner.
I was so numb from the epidural, that I wasn't even sure if I was actually pushing ;)

While I was pushing, they brought me a mirror to watch as he was coming out. When he started coming down, we could see that he had dark hair!

He started crowing at 5:10, and was born at 5:17!

It was so amazing to see the doctor pull him out!

It was such an amazing experience! This pregnancy and delivery was night and day different from my last one! I loved every second of this pregnancy, (after the nausea went away at 25 weeks ;) And even the delivery was so amazing!

I wanted a very calm, low key, no extra people in the room delivery. We had the lights down low, and the only people in the room was my husband, the doctor, and a few amazing nurses!

I didn't think I would love the delivery as much as I did! And I secretly can't wait to do it again! ;)

Everett Grey Judkins
November 9, 2014
5:17 pm
7 lb 6.5 oz
20 3/4" long

We are so in love with this little boy!

marci anne

Saturday, February 15, 2014

that one time i was published....

Freaking out a little...

I did a fun session back in December for a local magazine, and just picked up a copy of the magazine, and did a happy dance when I found my name on page 60!
See that? It's tiny, but its there! Left page, towards the outside, under photographer is: Marci Anne Photography!!!

That's all.

marci anne